Your friend at the Idaho DMV!!

At we know customer service. I thought I would share an example that sets us apart. 


When dealing with the local County DMV you may not get the service you want. WHY IS THAT??? Well I'll tell you. County staff are not treated that well. They see hundreds of people every single day. They have no time to make friends with each customer. When you're in that situation, the DMV is really just an assembly line and a revue generating machine for the County and the State of Idaho. At we're small enough to know all of our customer, but big enough to handle complex issues. 


I like to use the example of using  Progressive insurance vs using a local Farmers agent. I personally will pay a few dollars more because I get to know my insurance guy, and when I need something done, I just call him up and he takes care of it. When you need something done with a large online insurance company you never know who you're going to talk to. Heck, my agent will check in on me and ask when I'm trading in one of my old cars. That is the same kind of relationship we have with our customers, and we want to stay like that moving forward!

Give us a shot!


Recently a customer received the wrong address on their new registration from the County DMV. She sent in an email, I personally called her back and took care if it. Although she was sure the DMV had her updated address, they claimed they did not. I filled out the address change form, sent it over DocuSign and got it done within 72 hours!! That's just one small example of how we truly care about our customer experience. 

The world has changed, and with cell phone life is more busy than ever. Take the hassle out of dealing with the DMV, and use It's like having a friend at the DMV!!