Why you might make several trips to the DMV

Everyone already knows, that sitting in line at the county DMV can be long and take time out of the tax payers day. Most people don't even consider the drive time it takes to go to the DMV. In some cases it may be half a day. What's your time worth?! 


Something to consider! if you're heading into the DMV to renew your registration, and your registration has been revoked because you have neglected your state mandated emissions test, you wont be able to renew your registration at that time! They will send you away! You'll have to leave, get an emissions test than drive back to the DMV. That may not be in one day either. You may have to schedule another day to go back to the DMV. All the while you're driving your vehicle un-registered. Now you're running the risk of a traffic ticket!!


The Average weekly Idaho wage has been reported at $906.00 per week in 2021. That's $22.65 per hour. So even if you're good to go and you don't have any emission or insurance issues, you'll spend a minimum of 2 hours driving to the DMV, sitting in line and driving back to work or home


If you have any issues at all, let's say conservatively you'll spend 4 hours dealing with insurance or emission issues, just to start all over again in the DMV line. 


When using our service for registration renewals, you'll submit your order, we'll go to the DMV for you, if there is an issue we will reach out, tell you what you need to do, and go back to the DMV for you, saving you hours of time and hassle. In some cases based on the average Idaho income, we may save customers hundreds of dollars and stress! 


Give our service a shot. Save some time, and SKIP THE LINE!!


On a final note, we are not a huge company, we are a locally owned private Idaho DMV service. We take calls and answer DMV questions even if you don't need our service. We want to strive to provide a service that a government agency just doesn't have that ability to. 


So check us out, look at our google reviews and share our service with friends and family members!