Why are customers choosing WeRegister4you.com over the States online DMV site?

Well, that's an easy answer! WeRegister4You is small yet agile. We tend to the customer in a different and more attentive way than your average State our County DMV employee would. We also have a much easier site to understand and navigate. 

As you can imagine the State sites are slow and at times hard to understand. You also do not get the communication that our automated systems deliver. Our systems communicate in several different ways. We push text notifications and email notifications after your vehicle registration is complete. Once your registration is on it's way you get additional notifications that tell you when your package has been placed in the mail. In addition, you'll receive a tracking number too. 

In my experience I have seen the State and County DMV's take as long as 4 months to ship out vehicle registrations and plates to their customers. On average WeRegister4you.com takes 2 business days from the time of processing your order for your renewal or new vehicle registration.  

We truly care about the customer experience. As we grow we hope to add auto renewals which will change the entire landscape of the traditional vehicle registration processes. No more expired registrations or forgetting to take time off of work to take care of your car's registration. 

For me personally I would sign up for auto renewals in a heart beat, avoiding any possibility of a traffic ticket, or expired registrations. My time is limited and this service can take that one additional to-do off your plate. 

Don't forget, we now take payments on your registration. We register for you now, and you pay later! that's the kind of forward thinking we like to do at WR4Y!  

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