Who is WeRegister4you.com?

When we fist started this company we had little experience with the DMV or their processes. We had to start from scratch and build something that at the time had never been done in the State of Idaho. We wanted to give the people of Idaho a better way to register their newly purchased vehicles from any local Idaho dealer. 

We were originally asked by the Idaho department of Transportation to start this company at the break of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lines were long, Idaho was growing and they felt we would be a great option. 

Unfortunately that has changed and the State of Idaho started a similar site like our own. We believe that after they saw our site working, they decided to try and capture the revenue our small start company began to experience.

The big difference between the State and us, is we work directly with the County assessor, bringing those dollars back to the county. The States site bypasses the county and essentially hurts the counties financially. Many people don't know that even in government, there is always competition and a cash grab just like the private businesses sector. 

Since our inception we have had to learn, grow and morph through the adding of additional products to our site. We added new plates and registrations for ATV's, UTV's, boats, boat trailers, off road motor bikes, and registration renewals for almost everything. This has allowed us to stay in business. We had some mobile services, but like you would assume the State of Idaho and Department of Transportation is in competition with our locally owned Startup and effected our ability to offer some of those services. 

In the end we want to provide an easy option to deal with the DMV. We still touch every order by hand, delivery it to the DMV personally and there is an actual county employees processing your orders. It's not just a computer that eliminates Idahoan's jobs. 

Our Online site DMV process takes fewer click, does not error out and is much faster. We can solve problem at the DMV for you instead of just turning you away like the DOT DMV site does if there is any issues. If there is any issues, or additional items we need, we just call you, address it and finalize you order. The State's site will just error out and cancel your order if there is any issues at all. That leaves customers confused and left to deal to the DMV in person and frustrated.  

One additional item that separates us, is the availability to just give us a call. Most DMV's are bogged down, and have little time to take phone call or help customer navigate issues over the phone. We answer our phone and call back customer that leave us voicemails. Even when a customer doesn't use our service, we are happy to steer them in the right direction, or just give them some helpful tips.  

Our site is extremely easy to use, our customer reviews continue to grow, and we work hard to try and expand on an already exceptional experience for our customers. 


Give us a shot, and let us know where we can help.