The Government doesn't like private DMV's, But WHY??

So is a small start up DMV and vehicle registration service company. We don't actually do the processing we just get it done through a partnership with the local assessor and DMV after collecting information through our site. 


The DMV actually loves because we take the hassle out of the process for them just as much as we do for the our customers. We collect all the needed items to conduct business on behalf of the customer and the DMV staff are able to move faster on the vehicle registration process because there is little communication for them and we make sure all the information is correct and ready for processing. If you know government staff, they really don't like dealing with the public, but we DO! 


But The state of Idaho does not like us, which is funny because they still get there money regardless on how the tax payer processes their vehicle registration. It doesn't matter if you go to the actual DMV, the broken State site that works "sometimes" or you use, the state always gets all their fees. They also asked us to start this site up in the beginning months of Covid-19, than didn't tell us weeks before opening their own competitive site That really hurt our growth overnight. 


Here is the real funny part, if you go directly to the ITD site, the actual DMV and county assessor loses real money. The state is in direct competition with their own counties and DMV offices run by the county assessor's office. This takes money from the DMV offices, which means the service can actually get worse with already underfunded departments. 


As a Veteran and small business owner, running this business has been extremely difficult. The state of Idaho has bullied us, reported our google ads, and even submitted complaints to google. They actually called a meeting with us, bullied us into removing statements that sounded to much "like them" and made us remove anything from our private site that they didn't like. I have never been treated like with by a government agency and feel like they just don't like competition. Maybe they just hate private business..... 


At one point we had a relationship with a local dealership so we could do mobile vin inspections. We were actually directed to go that route per ITD staff. We turned in our application for our dealers license with that dealer, the state actually cashed the check and somehow "lost" our applications, than went down to the dealership and intimated the owner. At that point the dealer had no other option but to end our business relationship. 


A veteran owned business like ours cannot do Vin Inspections, but a person with a felony can as long as they have a dealers license. But the felon isn't competition in the eyes of the state, but we are. 


Here is the deal, we're local, Idaho owned and work hard for the customer!

We have amazing reviews and have a great return customer rate and growing!

This month alone we've had a 83% return customer rate, and that tells a story!

25 five star google reviews, and over 100 five star reviews on our actual site!


In just under 2 years we have done a thousands of boat/vehicle/motorcycle registrations, renewals, mobile private party purchases and so many more DMV services, and we haven't made a dime. Every ounce of profit has gone to marketing, and has been invested back into out small Idaho startup company, all the while the government has done everything to hurt our small business. We even made sure to pay taxes on the little to no profit we had left. 


I could go on forever, but I guess all I'm saying is we're a small privately owned Idaho DMV service group run by normal honest Idahoans serving our community with a service that has been well received that now competes with it's very own government . 


Next time you need something from the DMV or have vehicle registration needs, give us a shot. We wont disappoint, and unlike big government we care about every single transaction and every single customer. 


Maybe this is more of a rant than a blog, but hey, at least you know a little more about our small company.