Idaho's first & only private DMV concierge service.

When most people think DMV, they don't think concierge, they think government staff..... It's unfortunate that most folks relate a DMV employee to a burned out government employee that has no need to hustle or doesn't care about the customers experience. Listen, DMV staff are people too, but like any other government job there is no incentive to producing a great experience for the general public. At WeRegister4you we cherish the customer experience. Like any other private business, we would close our doors if our customers didn't feel like we truly cared about their business and we really do!

Like most states, The State of Idaho requires up to date registration on all personally owned vehicles. It's also the legal responsibility of all owners to renew their vehicle registration on a annual basis. Since it's the law, Idaho knows that regardless of your experience, you'll be back next year! 

Start thinking outside of the box! Use a vehicle registration service that truly cares about your experience. Although most customers feel like our system is automated, we still physically touch every customer order and communicate with customers if any issues arise during the vehicle registration process.

We will go out of our way to make the customer feels safe, comfortable and that we're on their side when dealing with the Idaho vehicle registration process.

Although we're not a butler service, we are most certainly the only private DMV concierge service and want to serve the amazing folks in the State of Idaho. 


Don't forget:

We're locally owned!

We're a Veteran owned and operated company!

We have 33 five star Google reviews!

We'll help you register your vehicle before you move to Idaho!!


Drive safe, drive Legal!


WR4Y Team