Halloween is right around the corner! Are you legal to drive?

Halloween is right around the bend! If you're like the WeRegister4You.com team, we'll be out late driving our kiddos around in the dark! When it's dark and late on a cool Halloween evening, the local police our out hunting for reason's to make a traffic stop! Of course it's to protect and serve, but it's also to find those pesky teens out causing mischief!

Don't be THAT parent sitting in a traffic stop because you didn't renew your Idaho registration! Even if your registration is expired we've got you covered! If you don't already know, WeRegister4you.com is the only online DMV private service that can renew expired plates! (it's because we love Idaho!)

We also want you to know that during the busiest times of the year like this, we offer so many neat Idaho registration services. LIKE>>>>> Many people don't know that if you purchase a vehicle from another person there is only one way to avoid the Idaho DMV, and that's by using WR4Y!!! The other fun fact is that we come to you..... That's right I said it! Have you ever had a county or state DMV employee come to you? Not only do we come to you, but we care about your customer experience. Click here for our Private party onsite service

We really appreciate the support the Idaho folks have given us for the past two years. we hope to continue to grow this little business and continue to expand on our Idaho DMV and Vehicle registration services!


We added some nice vehicle products to our website. Just some perfect little MUST HAVES for the vehicle! check it out! Click here, and find out what you might need for that new car purchase, or something you might want to add to that old trusty vehicle!