Have you ever stood outside in line in Idaho for your those Idaho vehicle registration needs?? Well I have and it stinks! It's also way darker then it was just a few months ago. If you're new to the area you'll start to notice that there is less time and LIGHT in the day when Idaho starts to creep into those dreary winter months! This means you have to sneak in all your chores in after hours, and the DMV is not exception. The only problem is the DMV isn't open after hours!!


So how can help??? well with our online presence we can take your DMV requests anytime of the day or night! we even take calls after 5 and on the weekends. If you don't use our service we will like helping customers out and are always available to answer some of those silly Idaho DMV questions! Here, I'll just place a link to contact us right   >>>HERE<<<


Call us, email us, we don't mind. And if we didn't answer the phone, just leave a detailed message and we'll reach back out! we're darn good at it! Well, far better than the actual DMV!


Speaking of cold weather! check out this vehicle seat heater we added to our site. after spending money on registration renewal, try and stay warm! Click <<HERE>> to check it out! My wife calls them butt warmers!


We also have this awesome battery jump starter! I for one do not want my wife asking for a jump start in the middle of winter from some stranger!! >>>>CLICK HERE<<<< to check it out. It's so compact, it fits in the glovebox!


Hope this was another helpful reminder that we're here to keep you safe and save time from the evil Idaho DMV!!!