A little help when registering your out of state Vehicles in Idaho!

I grew up in the Idaho area my entire life. Besides joining the Military I haven't lived anywhere else. There is been a lot of growth over the past few years. Unfortunately That's just the way it is. Can you blame anyone? The treasure valley and basically anywhere in Idaho is amazing. Everywhere that isn't a big city is growing and people are wanting that simple life. 

At WeRegester4you we know how hard it is to come here to Idaho with a California plates, or any out of state plate for that matter! How do we know? I get calls all the time asking how fast I can change their plates. these people are good folks, just moving to a better place. Hell, I feel like our families did the same thing when they moved west!

So here is a little help if you're wanting to get your vehicle registered in Idaho before you move here. We'll help transfer you title and get those new plates for your out of state car, truck, van, hell, anything!

Today we'll focus on vehicles and titles for vehicles you own and have the title in hand. In order get new Idaho plates and registration for your out of state vehicle you'll need a Idaho title and a "vin inspection". That's where a certified person physically checks the vin with their own eyes, writes it down on the vin inspection form. This will validate that when Idaho issues a new title, The vin is correct. When you're out of state you can have any law enforcement officer do it. The form you'll need is IDT Form 3403. You can get it online, or call us, we'll email it directly to you! It's very simple to fill out. The state of Idaho will accept that form as long as it's signed and filled out by any Law Enforcement officer. Make sure they put their contact info incase the State of Idaho wants to reach out to them. 

Now that the hard part is over, you'll need to mail the vehicle title, vin inspection form and a tax exemption form to our office. (that way you don't have to pay taxes!!) If you're moving from Oregon or purchased your vehicle in the past 6 months, you'll need proof of taxes paid with the tax exemption form, or the State of Idaho will get you!  We'll take care of the rest! We charge $19.00 for the title transfer, forward the state registration charges and fees, plus our service charge of $39.99. I feel like that's pretty cheap! 

Here's something really cool. We mail it wherever you want! That's something the State of Idaho won't do. So even if your in Washington, California, Oregon or anywhere out of state, we'll mail it with priority shipping through USPS and wrap it all up before you get here. You'll receive a temp tag until your plates are printing. Hey, now you'll fit in!

If you have any question just call us! We'll help out in anyway we can, even if you don't use our service. Think of us as your helpful DMV friends. 

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I almost forgot! We're Veteran owned and an Idaho small business! We're small enough to want all the business we can get, and small enough to provide the most amazing service ever!